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NADRS News Public: NIC Uttarakhand 2012-13 NADRS Training Report


NIC Uttarakhand 2012-13 NADRS Training Report


Training and ICT Readiness for NADRS implementation in Uttarakhand

62.53% households in Uttarakhand, as per Livestock Census 2007, possess livestock and poultry. Relative incidence of a particular disease and morality of livestock results in direct losses due to reduced production in terms of milk, meat, wool, hide and skins, as well as indirect loss due to abortions, subsequent infertility, sterility, and deterioration of semen quality. National Animal Disease Reporting System (NADRS), a 100% centrally sponsored ICT initiative and a national mission mode project of DADF Govt. of India, aims at facilitating ICT enabled Animal Disease Reporting, Control & Surveillance on all notified animal diseases. It is designed to be a single channel for information dissemination through IVRS, SMS, email and web based system for veterinarians, NGOs, local bodies, farmers & livestock owners.

NADRS is to be launched nationwide on 16th January, 2013. NIC Uttarakhand has ensured training & ICT readiness for Uttarakhand Animal Husbandry Department to use NADRS application. ICT enablement of State’s Veterinary Services through NADRS is going to immensely benefit 62.53% households of Uttarakhand, directly or indirectly.

So far ICT infrastructure at 110 NADRS Nodes established in the Veterinary Centres of the state at 95 block-level, 13 District-level & 2 state-level offices are monitored regularly by NIC Uttarakhand. Basic ICT Training has been provided to 208 Veterinary officers. State level project’s sensitization workshop was held in Feb’12 for 85 senior level officials from state’s Animal Husbandry (AH) Department & NIC. A Management Information System (MIS) for AH department has also been developed by NIC Uttarakhand as per state’s requirements.

Recently, NIC Uttarakhand successfully conducted a capacity building programme of field level veterinary doctors on all aspects of NADRS project at 15 locations across 13 districts of the state. A total of 236 officers, which is approx. 80% of the total strength of Government of Uttarakhand’s Veterinary Doctors in the state, attended the five-day training programme in 24 batches between 26th Nov ‘2012 and 22nd Dec ‘2012. Some of the pictures of these training sessions from across the state are given below.

DIO NIC Chamoli (Mr. Yashpal Singh, extreme right, last row) monitoring the training

Hands-on session being monitored by DIO NIC Pithoragarh (Mr. Ravindra Joshi, standing)

DIO NIC Udham Singh Nagar (Mr. Deepak Johri, extreme right) among participants

Hands-on session in progress (District Udham Singh Nagar)

DIO NIC Bageshwar (Mr. Piyushank Gupta, extreme right) demonstrating NIC Uttarakhand’s state-specific AH application

1st row, right (Ms. Pushpanjali, NIC Uttarakhand State Unit) and left (Mr. Ashutosh, NADRS resource) with participants (District Dehradun)

Uttarakhand’s Animal Husbandry (AH) department provided excellent cooperation in arranging the desired participation. The participants included Block level Veterinary Officers, District’s Chief Veterinary Officers and officials representing Directorate, diagnostic laboratories & other field units of State’s AH department. They participated enthusiastically in all lecture-demonstrations and hands-on sessions. MIS software for Uttarakhand’s Animal Husbandry (AH) department was also demonstrated by NIC DIOs along with the NADRS application. The participants have recorded an overall 85% satisfaction level. They have also expressed their individual feedback about NADRS application & MIS software.

NIC DIOs in coordination with NIC Uttarakhand State Unit officers and officers of Animal Husbandry Department ensured quality of the training programme and technically supervised the delivery of the content in each batch.

Vinod Kumar Taneja
Technical Director & Project Coordinator (NADRS)
NIC Uttarakhand State Unit, Dehradun

Date: 7th January 2013        


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