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Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratories (ADDL)
Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratories (ADDLs) play a pivotal role to diagnose and control animal diseases during disease outbreaks and suspected outbreaks. There are about 970 Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratories (ADDLs) in India...
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Approach paper Disease Prediction
Diseases and enemies of honey bees
Sustainable Practices for backyard poultry development in jharkhand
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Bird Flu

Swine Flu

About the Project
Animal wealth in India has increased manifold and the animal husbandry practices have changed to a great extent following the introduction of newer technologies particularly for crossbreeding and up gradation of indigenous breeds.
Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries has envisaged the need for the automation of its activities with the support of state-of-art Information and Communications Technology in order to provide better services to its stake-holders in an efficient manner...                   
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Success Stories
After Eight months of rearing Sri Sankar Deb, has used the male pig for cross breeding with the local pigs for which he charges one piglet per conception and till date he has received Fifteen nos. of piglets of 2 months...
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